What works: Twinception

NASA is on the hunt for twins so they can better understand what space does to humans in Popular Science’s “What can NASA’S twin studies actually tell us?”   Despite the three sources present here, no words quoted directly from the sources show up here.  It’s all about the data NASA found, and the instrumentality of twins in studies revolving around space.  The article is very clean and to the point, but a few statements from NASA itself would’ve been beneficial.

The article will be easy to find on the internet though, brandishing keywords like the ubiquitous NASA, and more esoteric terms like epigenetics.  With its taglines though, the article maybe better suited for niche audiences considering that space news isn’t necessarily popular or understood.  It does a good job explaining what the science behind the research is intended to find and why NASA needs twins, but it might not have wide appeal given the limited interest in what goes on at high orbit.


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