What Works 2: Return of Saint Lawrence

The Saint Lawrence ice sheet is rearing to cleave itself apart as a two mile wide rift races north toward the edge of the Antarctic peninsula.  The Saint Lawrence ice sheet has been trying to free itself from it’s slushy cousin since 2014, so the process itself is nothing new.  What makes this ongoing event interesting is that it’s about to come to a close, and with just five sources, the reader fully understands what that means.  The article boasts graphics displaying the size and progress of the crack over time, and three bonus scientists to tell us what the implications of the event will be.

The sourcing provides readers with a scope of the situation without feeling too exhaustive.  It’s a story that gives you a plate of Antarctica’s cataclysms, and let’s the reader take in the bits at their discretion.

Depending on the readers’ views on climate science, the rift in the ice sheet is a sign of less than optimal things to come in the future given the impact on sea level a crumbling pile of ice the size of Australia will have.  Although, it’s a story that won’t really have impact on people living 100 meters or so above sea level.  That’s just means they’ll be right where they need to be to take advantage of the soon to be available beach-front property.


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