What Works 5: Banished to the Ethereum Mines

Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase have joined forces to build a network together in Business Giants to Announce creation of a computing system based on Ethereum.  Based on the information given, ethereum is a virtual currency network spread across multiple smaller networks, known as a block chan.  IBM has been the leader in these block chain programs, but larger companies are taking ethereum and building their own block chains.

It takes a bit of doing to find the story without browsing the New York Times though.  Even though the article is fresh, it’s a few lines down in search engines if you’re looking for news about either Microsoft or JP Morgan, but it will sit at the top for anyone who knows to type in “ethereum.”  General terms, like “technology”, “computers”, and “finance” won’t even bring the story up on the first page.  Where the SEO of the article is a bit lacking, the information comes from seven sources.  Four come from Microsoft, JP Morgan, and oddly enough IBM.  That’s not a name that I thought I would be hearing outside of 90s movie dialogue, but they’ve grown enough in software development to climb back into the tech giants’ house.

The media available doesn’t go beyond photos of business meeting and towering servers, but that’s all that is needed to cover the subject matter.  For anyone looking to learn more, every source comes with a link to take readers to the companies involved and the history behind the development of the program.



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