What works 6: Passion Project Parody

The Poetically parodic tales of the Venture Bros is a feature analysis of the sporadically airing Adult Swim cartoon, “The Venture Bros,” and it’s almost a year old. Good luck finding it in Google. because it took quite a bit of digging to figure out where in the search engine it was hiding. That being the case, the story may have been SEO-friendly at one point, but time has a way of putting more recent events in front of it.

That’s not to say that the article isn’t worth looking for though.  The exhaustive amount of research done by the writer, Jacob Oller makes it so that you don’t have to know “The Venture Bros” exists to enjoy learning about the themes it explores.  The quick, precise introduction to what the show is about bleeds right into video clips to solidify the concepts that are about to be explored. The multimedia follows the reader right to the bottom as the article goes deeper, keeping the reader on track through a maze of character analysis.

There’s really no sourcing beyond the scope of Oller’s research, putting the article down into the opinions section if it wasn’t there already.  As with any article of this nature, figuring out what the essence of something is really depends on the writer.  With Oller’s knowledge of the material though, it wouldn’t be out of the question to trust his opinion on “The Venture Bros. He can explain things simply, and he can open that thing up and give you an exhaustive tour of all the wires and cogs that make it run on the surface.


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