What Works 8: The pre-prequel

Ancestral Climates May have Shaped your Nose by Steph Yin, looks into the research being done regarding the evolution of the human nose, and why its shape varies across different regions.

Meeting the minimum source capacity, the article boasts four.  Two of them are doctors, one an anthropologist and one is a peer-reviewed article from Plos One, written by a small conglomerate of biologists.  You can check those sources for yourself too, as they’re all highlighted in that weird, slightly gray blue that denotes a link.

SEO friendliness is questionable.  The subject is easy enough to coax onto the front page of a search engine.  Just type in “nose science”, and you’ll be shown various articles from competing papers.  In fact, the NY Times version of this story doesn’t even make it to the first page of Google, and the old proverb goes, “if it is not on the first page, it does not exist”.  It will be more or less up to people who read NY Times to explore the depths of the site’s  relative links to learn the secret of their noses.

It is really digestible for a science article. though.  Everything is broken down into simple bits, making it a quick read for those who don’t want to read the source material, which is likely a few decimal points higher than 99 percent.


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