What Works 10: Pot-belly trees

In Poland’s Crooked Forest: A Mystery with no straight answer, trees across the country’s northern edge star as the oddballs whose gnarled trunks will never be understood.  Their secrets lie in whatever crypts the townspeople who planted them, call home.  The legend comes to us in spoken word from the botanist serving as the one source, William Remphrey.

Sure, the matte grey graphs are peppered with links to other occurrences and scientific sounding places, but who on this planet can be bothered to go that far into the story?  It needs more people.  It needs people who may have known the trees from childhood, or more people trying to uncover the cause of these obese pines.  The story says everything it needs to, but it’s supposed to have at least three sources for some arbitrary reason.

It’s easy to find though, just type in bent trees to find a thumbnail of their misshapen forms set against a characteristically dreary European background.  Then again, it doesn’t seem that news outlets are crawling over each other to cover it.  The New York Times is the only article on the illustrious first page to feature this bent forest.  Eastern European mystery forests must only pique the interest of small audiences.


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