What Works 11: Kremlins 2

The latest story of the day coming from the global political sphere is that It’s France’s turn to worry about election meddling by Russia.  Now America can rest easy knowing that our election isn’t the only one the Kremlin wants to influence.

This article drops by with a little under a week to spare until the First round of France’s presidential election gets underway this Sunday, making this article both timely and ahead of time.

Now, normally, other national elections wouldn’t have much local appeal, but this one is special.  Russia has made a name for itself in the waning years of the 2010s as the place to partially blame for Donald Trump’s presidency.  Like the 1700s America and France are kindred spirits with Russia’s pedigree in persuading the public to vote Putin’s favorites, taking the place of old monarchy.

The media elements present to help cement the story are sparse.  There are about five throughout the article, strategically placed to denote topic changes in the article.  Speaking of, everything in this story has a lot of weight to it.  It’s playing out as a sequel to America’s election, but with better food to snack on as people at home watch the chaos unfold anew from beneath blankets of fleece and existential dread for the future.

There are seven quoted sources in the article and 14 links to reaffirm the story as it crawls up the screen like a colony of ant-sized harbingers of bad news.  There are links to fake news factories abroad, right-wing extremists, and media attacks on left-leaning politicians.  There’s a lot here to digest, and as France’s elections enter the first round, this bit of news will stay relevant for some time.


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