More green coming to Ole Miss but glass goes to Memphis

The University of Mississippi is going green this week with campus wide events for environmental friendliness surround Arbor day on all sides.  Appropriately enough, trees led the charge for green week with two tours of various tree species on campus, and a planting ceremony to come on April 19.

This year, the tree trail tour branches off from its Ole Miss Roots, and stems further into the general public in an attempt to ensure the message doesn’t leave them.  This perennial message comes in the form of seedlings  superintendent of landscaping and arborist, Nathan Lazinsky will hand out during the planting ceremony.   “If you plant a tree in your yard, you’re going to want to take care of it, and make sure it’s planted correctly,”he said.

Lazinsky intends to make sure the people walking away with seedlings know the latter before they embark on adding to the dogwood population.

After the Arbor day crowd is sent off to spend the next century tending their own forests, green week turns to tackle the university by it’s bricks, and make the 197 buildings of Ole Miss a bit less resource hungry.

At the head of this master plan for the university architect and head of the Office of Sustainability, Ian Banner, who will present an update of the ongoing green renovations on April 20.  The $700 million projects will continue toward cutting power and water usage, and putting a dent in green house emissions.

A part of this that people may have already noticed are the automatic light switches electricians are installing around campus.  Although it’s more apt to call them light buttons, the new switches only turn the lights on when someone is in the room, or something causing a lot of commotion. In a dorm this means that the lights may go out on their own as students work deep into the night, but it also means that the lights in 197 buildings will turn off on their own when no one’s looking.

It’s expected that cars will make their way to the master plan as well, and make their way off campus.  The new roundabouts and parking lots workers are laying out is part of an initiative to  cut vehicular travel into campus altogether.  Instead, students, staff and faculty will take buses into Ole Miss from parking lots located elsewhere.   These along with 140 other projects on the master plan will continue to steer the school toward a more energy efficient future.

The future of campus recycling may not be up to Ole Miss as there is still no facility in which to process glass waste.


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