what works 12: the Trumpenning

The 100 day mark is fast approaching, and in Trump wants it known: grading 100 days is ridiculous (but his were the best) we get to see how Trump’s actions will define the benchmark set by FDR, and in short, it doesn’t bode will for the current president.

The article takes a break from formalities to handle the strangeness of Trump’s presidency in the most appropriate way; pointing out all the things he’s done.

Five sources including himself show up to bring out the story along with 18 links to different things.  Everything from air strikes in Syria to failing twice to ban Muslims is listed out as the story dives deeper into the chaos of the Trump presidency.

As far as being SEO friendly goes, the Trump news front is utterly packed with other stories.  Searching for his first 100 day period will bring up the story, but it’s buried among dozens of others.  News sights seem so enthralled with the guy that a reader would have to be a regular to the New York Times in order to actually see this story.

One advantage though, is that the environment in which this story was released is less busy than it will be on the 100 day mark.  It’s a few days less timely than it would be to release on that fateful day, but as the mark approaches, New York Times at least managed to get their word in before the internet becomes saturated in 100 day stories.


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