what works 12: the Trumpenning

The 100 day mark is fast approaching, and in Trump wants it known: grading 100 days is ridiculous (but his were the best) we get to see how Trump's actions will define the benchmark set by FDR, and in short, it doesn't bode will for the current president. The article takes a break from formalities… Continue reading what works 12: the Trumpenning


More green coming to Ole Miss but glass goes to Memphis

The University of Mississippi is going green this week with campus wide events for environmental friendliness surround Arbor day on all sides.  Appropriately enough, trees led the charge for green week with two tours of various tree species on campus, and a planting ceremony to come on April 19. This year, the tree trail tour… Continue reading More green coming to Ole Miss but glass goes to Memphis

Oxford aldermen check in to check OUTbus

Wednesday, the Oxford board of Aldermen held a commission to check in the the ongoing updates to the OUTbus transit system.  Commissioner Donna Gurley called the meeting to order as a progress report on the ongoing refits to the OUTbus fleet, and to check in with transit workers to see how students are responding to… Continue reading Oxford aldermen check in to check OUTbus

Credit chips bring proven protection from theft and magnets

Across the U.S., new credit cards are issued with a side of chips, but clients only get one per card, in gold or silver plating depending on the bank. It's part of the ongoing initiative to put America on  the Europay Mastercard and Visa system.  Known in short as EMV, the system serves as a… Continue reading Credit chips bring proven protection from theft and magnets