What Works 10: Pot-belly trees

In Poland's Crooked Forest: A Mystery with no straight answer, trees across the country's northern edge star as the oddballs whose gnarled trunks will never be understood.  Their secrets lie in whatever crypts the townspeople who planted them, call home.  The legend comes to us in spoken word from the botanist serving as the one… Continue reading What Works 10: Pot-belly trees


What Works 9: Mad Dash to Pollinate

Britain's Deadnettle pops up earlier each year in Hope Springs Early, but Not Eternal, for the Deadnettle — or for Us, which would be fine if today was the day that its species chose to emerge.  The article tells a different story with deadnettles dotting heaths across Britain as early as January.  It's the apocalypse… Continue reading What Works 9: Mad Dash to Pollinate

Ole Miss STEM students coming together

-Hannah Glass and Trenton Scaife   There’s one day a year when science and medical students come together to build unique solutions for persistent problems, from aiding coral reefs using cultured bacteria to setting up blind dates between fungi and algae. The third annual University of Mississippi Research Day will take place on April 13th,… Continue reading Ole Miss STEM students coming together